CMH Massage
Massage Rates


Introductory massage for EVERYONE is $40   (not valid for gift certificates)

Non-Member Prices:

60 Minute Massage $55

90 Minute Massage $85

Member Prices (60 Minute Massages)

1 Massage a month $45  

2 Massages a month $81 (10% Discount)

4 Massages a month $153 (15% Discount)

Members will have payments automatically taken out of a checking, saving, or credit card account once a month based on membership package.

There is no contract and no sign up fee!

If you do not have a session for 6 consecutive months, your membership will be terminated.  If you wish to become a member again there will be a $25 set up fee.

**Massages cannot be rolled over to the next month but can be shared between immediate family members only!  **No Refunds**